You need visibility and sales for your online course. I deliver launch strategy and copy to achieve these goals.

Get everything you need to launch your course from pre-launch strategy to sales pages and emails.

As a launch strategist and copywriter, I help busy coaches, educators, and creatives launch their online courses so that they can reach more clients in less time while creating passive income.

With over 15 years of experience writing copy and content for my own blog, I now use my marketing skills to create email sequences and sales pages for course creators.

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Hi, I’m Sandy!

A ramen-obsessed, pizza-loving-to-the-extreme mom of two, and an expat.

I was a food and travel blogger for over 15 years until I realized that I could use my writing and marketing chops to help other busy moms run their businesses.

I focus on tapping into what makes you unique and stand out from other coaches and course creators. And I’m also committed to helping you streamline your launch processes so that you can launch and re-launch with ease.

If you are a course creator needing help with strategy and copy – from growing your email list to sales pages and email marketing, I’m here for you.

If you spend more time in the trenches of marketing funnels (and pulling your hair out over insane amounts of writing!) than actually working with your clients and doing the things you love (family? life? who?)…

…reach out, and let’s change all this for the better.

Imagine having a successful and streamlined launch, with copy that sounds like you, and without the burn-out.

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A little More about me…

I grew up in New York City (Brooklyn, baby!) and moved to the UAE in 2007.

I’m now a course launch strategist & copywriter based in Dubai and RAK.

What was originally supposed to be a two-year stint has now turned into “home” and my two kids were born and raised here.

My kids and I are ramen and pizza fanatics and relish making both from scratch.

Favorite color: yellow.

Proudest accomplishment: earning a black belt in taekwondo while in my mid-40s: proving it’s never too late to achieve one’s dreams.