Don’t Panic! How to Handle Mid-Cart Anxiety

How to Handle the Mid-cart Lull

Runners call it THE WALL.

It’s the thing that happens a little more than halfway into a race when you just run out of steam like you’re hitting a brick wall. I ran a half marathon, and THE WALL happens around this circular trail that I now call “The Circle of Death” (which you must say out loud in a very dramatic movie announcer voice).

In launching, THE WALL is known as the mid-cart lull, some call it the mid-cart wobbles. I prefer the Mid-Cart Moment of Inertia (again, use your movie announcer voice).

Mid-cart is that timeframe in the middle of your cart open period — so for a 7-day open cart period, that would be days 3, 4, and 5.

Much like in a marathon, getting over this obstacle is not just a testament of strength, but also mental toughness.

You get that initial burst of excitement during cart open as those who are your super loyal fans can’t wait to buy from you. And your early-bird and open cart bonuses add a sense of urgency.

So you get a flurry of buyers. And you assume sales will continue at this pace, maybe even faster.

But then crickets.

Whether this is your first time launching or your tenth, this period can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Self-doubt and panic sets in.

Did you do something wrong? Was the pricing too high? Was your marketing campaign a failure? Should you change up your strategy?

Hold on!

Before you hit the self-destruct button, take a deep breath.

Here’s the truth: a mid-cart lull is completely normal.

After your superfans buy, the rest of your prospects are now in a stasis of indecision and need more convincing. Hopefully, your launch emails include object busters, FAQs, and lots of social proof. (If not, then reach out and let’s chat.)

Customers often take time to research, compare options, and gather information before committing to a purchase. This is not the time to change strategy.

The next common trend in launches is that the last day sees a spike in buyers. Sometimes as much as 50% of purchases come in on this last day.

Your prospects suddenly realize that this is their last opportunity to make a purchase before your offer disappears. Urgency kicks in and you end up with more sales.

Here’s how you can calmly navigate mid-cart anxiety and ensure your launch remains a success:

Pre-Launch Planning:

  • Fuel the Fire: Consider offering a limited-time bonus during the launch period. This could be a discount, a gift with purchase, or exclusive access to you via a coaching call. This incentivizes immediate action and motivates hesitant buyers.
  • Mindset Work: Prepare yourself mentally for the mid-cart lull. Acknowledge it’s a common hurdle and develop healthy distraction techniques to manage your anxiety when it hits.

During the Mid-Cart Moment of Inertia:

  • Step Away from the Analytics: Constantly checking your sales figures during the launch can aggravate your anxiety and cause you to derail your launch strategy. Trust the efforts you’ve put into pre-launch planning and marketing.
  • Follow your distraction plan: Instead of refreshing the analytics page like a nervous tic, engage in activities that calm your nerves or channel your energy. Take a walk, practice meditation, do some yoga, or go for a run. Engaging in activities you enjoy can help clear your head and allow you to return to the situation with a fresh perspective.
  • Phone a friend (or better yet, your launch strategist): If you think you can’t stop yourself from doing something rash, then check in with your launch strategist, friend, or others who have gone through a launch before.

Remember, you’ve got this!

The mid-cart lull is not a reflection of your product or your efforts. It’s simply part of the launch process. Stay calm, trust your strategy, and keep putting yourself out there.

Don’t let fear derail your success; embrace the lull and focus on creating a long-term, sustainable business.

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