Optimize Your Email Sender Name to Get More Opens

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347.3 Billion.

That’s not the number of times I think about food on an average day. But close.

It’s the number of expected daily global emails in 2023 and increases year after year. (source: Statista, 2021)

The average person gets over 100 emails per day. That’s a lot of noise that we have to filter through.

According to Constant Contact, 45% of email subscribers will open an email simply based on who they think it’s from.

Which makes Inbox recognition and credibility absolutely crucial.

That means that it’s more important than ever to optimize for every single element of your email, from the sender name to the visual appeal of your email.

Make sure your Sender Name / From line is clearly recognized and trusted by your subscribers. 

I would even argue that the FROM name is more important than the SUBJECT line because, in most email providers, the FROM line is in bold text and a LARGER size. Especially on mobile. 

Go into your email app and take a look for yourself.

If your emails aren’t immediately recognized, there’s a high percentage that they’ll get snubbed.

How to Optimize Your Sender Name:

Be clear with your sender name to help remind people who you are.

Some common examples are:

  • {your name} from {company}
  • {your name} | {company}

As a real-world example:

  • Sandy from Ginger and Scotch
  • Sandy | Ginger and Scotch

There are other combinations, but the key is to personalize the field with your first name and attach your affiliation.

If you’re a company, you should still do this. Because people connect with people.

“Meg from CoSchedule” is more personable than just, CoShedule.

Your chances of getting your email opened go up when you get more personal.

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