How to Optimize Your Email Subject Line to Increase Your Open Rate

Optimize the subject line of your email blog post

After the FROM line, the reader is next drawn to the SUBJECT line.

According to Mailchimp, the average open rate for emails across all the industries analyzed was 21.33%.

If you’re not optimizing your subject lines, you’ll get even lower open rates for your email. 

Remember, there is a lot of competition for your reader’s eye in the inbox.

Some email providers allow you to add PREVIEW TEXT. If you are able to add preview text, here is a tip: Make your subject line and preview text work together.

How To Optimize Your Subject Line:

  • Take the time to come up with at least 10 subject lines and choose the best 2 for A/B testing.
  • Write clear subject lines that are engaging.
  • Address the pain points of your audience.
  • Keep subject lines short, sweet, and to the point.
  • Subject lines personalized with the receiver’s first name tend to get more opens. Try it out for yourself and see if that’s the case.
  • Experiment with emojis because they tend to draw the eye. But don’t go overboard. It doesn’t have to be a smiley face. Try a star or a musical symbol. As long as it relates to your message.
  • Never use all caps because it looks like you are SHOUTING! (unless there is a strategic reason).

Remember to test different subject lines and analyze the results. And keep refining.

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